The Starter Pack


The Starter Pack

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The Starter Package comes with 1 Gateway and 2 TAC-HUB Targets.

TAC-HUB is a “Live-Fire” training system that can be used with steel targets you already own. It takes marksmanship fundamentals to the next level. Utilizing TAC-HUB in multiple-threat and judgmental exercises by setting up your own tactical scenarios as well as head to head competition.

Steel Targets Not Included

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TAC-HUB attaches to the back of any steel target and delivers real time data to your smart phone. Games and application modes are controlled by the TAC-HUB app to insure quick and intuitive training. The LED system gives visual feedback and can be configured for close range shooting or distance shooting. The LED can also be swapped out for IR (infrared) illuminators to be used as a night vision trainer.

The TAC-HUB system was created to correct bad neural pathways that are developed by using a shot timer and static targets. This system forces you to use visual ques and correct a lot of bad shooting habits. (Shooting with one eye closed, not scanning for other targets or threats, ect.)

Shoot/No Shoot:

With this system you can run shoot/no shoot drills that are different and randomized each time you run it. The app will give you reaction time to first target and total completion time.


In vs. mode you can shoot head to head to try and claim more hits than your opponent. The hubs will switch between red and green randomly for a length of time you specify when starting the game in the app. Then when it is complete, you will see total number of hits for each shooter.


This mode allows you to set up a course of fire and will record number of hits as well as total completion time. Example: You have a 50 yard range, start course and run 10 yards to a barricade and shoot 2 targets, run another 10 yards and hit 3 targets threw a doorway, run 15 yards and hit 3 targets prone, ect.

Long Range:

This is the default mode for the hubs. You can choose a set time for the led’s to stay on after a hit is registered.

  • 5”tall x 4”wide x 2”thick
  • Battery life is 12-14 hours of shoot time
  • Rechargeable with USB Mini with LED indicator
  • Uses 1 to 4 RGB LED’s or IR LED’s for night vision training
  • LED’s are replaceable if damaged
  • Sync up to 100 targets
  • TAC-Hub system has a range of over 1,000 yards


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