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Welcome to TAC-Hub Retail & Co-Op Facility, Premier Firearms Training & Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

TAC-Hub Story

The idea

TAC-HUB was born from an idea to revolutionize firearms training. After receiving government contracts and learning more about the needs of individual, state, and federal instructors, we began to assemble everything needed to provide a state-of-the-art facility right here in Arizona.

The TAC-HUB system was created to correct bad neural pathways that are developed by using a shot timer and static targets. This system forces you to use visual ques and correct a lot of bad shooting habits.  These can include shooting with one eye closed, or not scanning for other targets or threats.

Promoting and supporting local business throughout Arizona is part of what we do and who we are. TAC-HUB stands behind local business & American-made products. This is why the TAC-HUB Co-Op features over 90% locally made products. Visit our Co-Op today and help us accomplish our mission.

TAC-HUB was created to revolutionize firearms training through correcting bad neural pathways, ridding yourself of bad shooting habits, and developing proper awareness & reaction techniques.

TAC-Hub System

The Target

TAC-HUB is a “Live-Fire” training system that can be used with steel targets you already own. It takes marksmanship fundamentals to the next level. Utilizing TAC-HUB in multiple-threat and judgmental exercises by setting up your own tactical scenarios as well as head to head competition. 

TAC-HUB attaches to the back of any steel target and delivers real time data to your smart phone. Games and application modes are controlled by the TAC-HUB app to insure quick and intuitive training.

The LED system gives visual feedback and can be configured for close range shooting or distance shooting. The LED can also be swapped out for IR (infrared) illuminators to be used as a night vision trainer.

TAC-HUB Target Action

TAC-HUB Target System

Easily attach to standard steel firearm targets to begin with TAC-HUB. Receive real-time data as you shoot for quick and intuitive multi-sensory training.

TAC-Hub Co-Op

the facility

  • State-of-the-art classroom includes (2) 70” monitors attached to a camera system with live feed to 2800 sq ft indoor shoot house

  • Shoot House Facility includes a 1000 sq ft indoor garage dedicated to car work with UTM and Airsoft Weapons

  • 2 interior & 1 exterior stairwells – all lead to the shoot house on the second floor, which includes 3 breachable doors

  • Pro-shop featuring essential & popular products, most of which made right here in Arizona – Support Local!



We are proud to offer a selection of 90% local  products in our Pro Shop, including a variety of tactical gear from the most popular brands on the market.

Welcome to TAC-Hub Retail & Co-Op Facility
  • Premier Firearms Training & Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

Buy the TAC-HUB “live-fire” training system directly from the professionals who designed it.

TAC-HUB Concealed Carry Weapons Liscence classes go above and beyond Arizona requirements.

Hard to find ammo at great prices. Join the Co-Op to get access to great assortments of ammunition.

Tactical training across mulitple disciplines, ranging from safety and basics, to breaching drills and car work.

TAC-Hub Training

the Courses


TACTICAL Co-Op Facility

Shoot House

Shoot House

Live-action 2800 sq ft shoot house simulates realistic scenarios for proper situational training in close quarters. Facility also includes 1000 sq ft garage, interior/exterior stairwells, and breachable doors.


State-of-the-art instruction classroom with two 70" monitors & live feed to the shoot house. In-house locker room, and team room available as well. Effective training begins in the classroom, this is where the revolution starts.
Pro Shop

Pro Shop

Offering local products from around Arizona and the US, including the TAC-Hub Target System and popular brands like Wilderness Tactical, Warhog Holsters, OnPoint, M3 & more. Get all the tactical gear you need right here.
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